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Why Employees Need To Be Evaluated With 360 Degree Feedback?

In today’s competitive world, it is important for businesses to have an online review system integrated within their system. Online review system like 360 degree feedback can easily review or evaluate the performance and behavior of employees. Organizations, in order to carry with their growth, need to find out who are fit for the organization.

What is 360-degree Feedback?

360-degree feedback is a multi-rater tool or a system that can provide an in-depth evaluation of an employee. This kind of multi-rater tool differs vastly from traditional performance evaluation tools. This is because 360-degree evaluation tool takes feedback about an employee from various people who work within an organization. People who can provide a feedback about an employee are colleagues, managers, supervisors, peers, and even clients.

Why is this tool so popular?

Basically, all rounded feedback that is obtained through 360-degree tool can help an employee to easily learn how well they are perceived by others. For example, if a person is loved by their colleagues. Or, if a person is not loved by their peers then what qualities are not liked. Based on the feedback obtained a person can easily change himself/ herself. The valuable insight that is provided by the tool can help an employee to learn about their strengths and weakness.

Why does A Person Need to Be Evaluated?

It is important for an employee to be evaluated with a 360 degree feedback tool. As feedback is provided by every person within an organization, the feedback is not biased. In fact, the valuable input that is obtained can help an employee to work on their weakness. For example, if an employee needs to develop any skills, an organization can arrange for that. Similarly, based on the feedback a person can easily change his/ her behavior. In this blog, you will come to know about the various benefits of using 360 feedback tools.


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Benefits of Evaluating Employees with 360-degree

Building Relationship and Trust

Traditional evaluation system could destroy the relationship among superior-subordinates. However, 360 feedback tools can help to build trust. The reviews are kept anonymous and it is usually unbiased one. Hence, everyone can work with honesty.

Judge Leadership Skill

 360 degree feedback can help organizations to judge who has the capability to become a leader. The feedback can help leaders to associate themselves with the required proficiency. If they fit the capabilities of the organization, it can help in creating a personal awareness.


Feedback from various sources can provide credibility to the result. It would increase the chance of the feedback being accepted by people without any resistance.  The fairness of the review can help to judge a person easily.


Help in Career Development

 360 degree evaluation can provide valuable feedback which can help an employee to learn what they are doing and what they can do to improve. Working on the weakness can help them to improve. This, in turn, can help in their career development.

When 360 degree feedback program is executed properly it can boost productivity and help an organization to achieve success. Based on the result, an employee can develop them and also help an organization achieve success.